This training course teaches to influence people in a relaxed manner. You are presented with a variety of techniques you can apply immediately. You extend your repertoire, yet remain true to yourself. Iris Posthouwer, one of the best trainers out there, will teach you:

How influencing works
Why good arguments often bite the dust
How to get the green light
How to convince in a relaxed manner
To make a point without having to work hard
How to Influence ‘difficult’ individuals
To strengthen your own style

and more



People really do care about the way something is presented to them (we simply got too many remarks about our presentations to ignore that fact). The simplicity and boldness of your visuals resonates the strength of your idea. Your words should be well chosen and the design of your keynote, infographic or animation should match that.

The key to a great presentation lies in timing, simplicity and highlighting. 
Timing as in tension span. Simplicity as in enabeling people to tell your story to others (with an appealing analogy for example ) and highlighting as in pointing out those elements that effect your stakeholders (in a positive way preferably).

Fitted in your corporate identity, or designed from scratch, we’ll get you the best looking presentation you ever had… ok that sounds a bit too carsalesguy

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