Where seperate marketing and sales departments ‘did their thing’ with their own rules and wisdom in the past, you now have to create a landscape in wich one common language and goal is set. Simply because the outside world does not care about the boundaries between these three stages (it never did!). We live in an era where customers comment on your Facebook post (marketing department) with a complaint about your product (sales?). Just one example of how people don’t care about your departments anymore.

We create a well balanced and consistent Marketing/Sales/Media-landscape.
After setting a goal (from your overall strategy), we set up a process where marketing, sales and media finally melt into one.



Defining your goal is hard. First of all what exactly is a goal and second it is kind of like predicting the future, isn’t it? In a way it is, but it is more like a self-fulfilling prophecy (though it is not realy self-fulfilling… hmm).
It is all about being optimistic and realistic at the same time. Being bold enough to make a statement but acknowledge limitations.

We create the best setting for defining the goal. We stimulate envisioning, point out weak spots and put your words to the test (no B.S. allowed).
After this session you have your goal tested, well written and ready to empower your people (workable). Your slogan for the next five years.

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